Three Major Challenges Facing the Restaurant Industry Today

We tend to think that entering the restaurant industry is not too difficult. Yes, it has low barriers to entry. BUT, entering the industry does not guarantee success. In fact, it puts you facing more risks since new challenges keep on coming up. These challenges, however, are not impossible to face. With the right strategies […]

$20,000 Instant Tax Write-Off

Changes in the 2015 Federal Budget now allow small businesses with an annual turnover of less than $2 million to immediately write-off (expense) any purchases of items $20,000 and under, that they can make between 7.30pm on the 12th of May 2015 and June 30 2017. This has been increased from the previous instant asset […]

7 things you need to Know about Equipment Finance for your Restaurant/Café:

What type of Finance is right for you? The main choices when it comes to the type of finance you want these days are Chattel Mortgage, Finance Lease and Rental (Operating Lease).  All are secured over the equipment you are getting, however each has a different set of Tax implications and Ownership points.  A popular […]

Write-off your new IT equipment purchase with a finance facility

Consider updating your IT & Office Equipment with a finance facility now that the new financial year is here.  If you choose to finance your new IT and Office Equipment with a Chattel Mortgage and you are classified as a small business with an annual turnover of less than $2.0M, you can instantly write off […]